Senator Al Franken proposes the "Jamie
Leigh Jones Amendment" on the Senate
floor.  It passed 68-30. Click to watch the
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As a result of the efforts of Jamie Leigh Jones and her attorneys at
The Kelly Law firm, the Pentagon will now track assaults on
Arbitration Act of 2007, Sponsored by
Representative Hank Johnson (D)
Georgia (also in photo)
The Kelly Law Firm has represented
numerous assault and sexual assault
victims, including the
nationally-recognized victim, Jamie
Leigh Jones.  Todd Kelly has spoken
extensively on the issues of secret,
binding arbitration in this context, and
the firm was instrumental in the passage
of the Franken Amendment - which held
that military contractors could no longer
force sexual assault cases into binding
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read what Jamie has
to say
Jamie was Awarded the 2010 Award for
Courage in Advocacy by the Women's
Caucus of the American Association for
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