The Kelly Law Firm represents children injured during childbirth by the neglect and
recklessness of physicians and hospital nursing staff, which can lead to permanent
debilitating medical conditions.  These devastating injuries can cost the affected family
millions of dollars in future medical care and loss of earnings, frequently resulting in
financial ruin for the affected child and loved ones.  At The Kelly Law Firm, our
attorneys and staff understand that you need help, and it is our mission to see that you,
and your child, obtain it.

We have developed travel around the country to assist in helping children to recover
for the necessary medical and living expenses for the rest of their lives.
Cerebral Palsy
Erb's Palsy
When a baby's shoulder is stuck behind
one of the bones in the delivery canal
(either the pubic symphysis or the sacral
promontory) (shoulder dystocia), it is the
responsibility of the delivering physician
to recognize this obstetric emergency and
respond appropriately - and quickly.  
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Often, the physician will place the
mother in the McRobert's position
(below), then apply suprapubic pressure
and rotational manuevers, the baby will
normally be delivered without injury.  
Occasionally, more complicated
manuevers may be necessary, but
physicians who deliver babies are
required to know these procedures and be
prepared to implement them - many are
simply not.    
If a delivering physician fails to respond
to a shoulder dystocia appropriately,
devastating, permanent injuries to the
nerves of the brachial plexus (C3-C8)
can occur.  This is called an Erb's palsy
injury.  Erb's Palsy can result in the
child's inability to lift the arm
appropriately.  Surgical intervention is
often helpful, but is rarely a complete
reversal of the problem.      
Cerebral Palsy describes any of a number of
neurological disorders that can become present
in children.  Though this condition sometimes
occurs naturally, when the neglect of a physician
causes the damage, the Kelly Law Firm can
assist you with the devastating financial burden
on the family.

During the delivery process hospitals typically
monitor the fetal heart rate, a primary indicator
of the fetal health (including oxygenation).  

When warning signs present, a physician should
order an emergent Cesarean section.  When the
oxygen deprivation (asphyxia) is allowed to
continue, serious consequences often result.
Because Cerebral Palsy, in this circumstance, is
so preventable, the delivering physician (and
sometimes the nursing staff) should be held  
responsible for failing to prevent the injury.  The
impact of caring for a child with cerebral palsy is
often ruinous of a family's financial well-being,
devastates the future of the newborn, and
certainly impacts on the stress level of the family.

When a physician or hospital, who could have
prevented this devastating injury, fails to act
properly, they need to be held accountable.

At the Kelly Law Firm, we investigate these
cases to determine if the injury could have been
avoided, and if that is the case, we work to
ensure that each case of neglect is brought to a
jury for that determination.
Birth-Related Injuries: Cerebral Palsy & Erb's Palsy
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