The Kelly Law Firm understands the
difficulty of getting your life back
together after a serious automobile
collision - of any type.  

The physical injuries, the emotional
devastation, and the financial burden are
often too difficult to bear.  At The Kelly
Law Firm, we will handle the legal issues
that impact on your future medical care
and easing the financial burden caused
by the reckless acts of others.
above people.  
We, as lawyers,
responsibility to
hold them
there can be no
positive change."

Todd Kelly

If you are involved in a serious accident, you should:

First - get medical treatment for yourself and any other injured person;

Second - try to identify as many witnesses as you can, by writing down names,
license plate numbers, addresses or any other identifying information.

Third - Contact us - we can guide you through the rest of the confusing legal and
insurance system.
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