Excellent is still short of their true Character and Passion once they have
committed themselves to you.  The amazing support from their entire Staff and
Associates who showed up in Court during our Proceedings was truly a Blessing.

They took this case as a Legal Battle and it quickly became a personal cause.
Their sincerity in dealing with Myself, my Wife and my Sons and Grandaughter
became a very Emotional Crusade.......Mr.Kelly's training and experience as a
Marine and Ms. Vicknair's soft and subtle approach make for a GREAT TEAM.
A Team that we were proud to be a part of.

With this Team and God's Will.....Victory was Ours........Have no doubt that L.
Todd Kelly.....Ms.Heidi Vicknair....Reagan Kelly...and all their Associates will
lead You to VICTORY........

David & Esther Luna
"No man is
above the law,
and no man is
below it.  Nor do
we require any
permission when
we require him
to obey it."

Theodore Roosevelt
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