Wrongful Death

Motor Vehicle Collisions

18-Wheeler Collisions

Inadequate Security

Rapes and Sexual Assault

Injuries at Sea:  Jones Act Cases

Premises Defects

Construction Site and Workplace

Industrial Accidents

Fire and Explosion Injuries

"Some children can't play sports or participate in
physical activities like others.  As attorneys who
represent these kids, we need to care about why."
- Todd Kelly.
"No man is
above the law,
and no man is
below it.  Nor do
we require any
permission when
we require him
to obey it."

Theodore Roosevelt
Our Team's Experience
Sexually Transmitted Disease

Asbestos-related diseases and
injury (Mesothelioma, Cancer)

Toxic torts in towns such as
Gainesville, Florida

Drug Manufacturers (Avandia,
Digitek, Yaz, Premarin/Prempro)

Birth Injuries: Cerebral Palsy /
Erb's Palsy / Wrongful Death of

Medical Malpractice

Medication Errors

Bankruptcy / Foreclosures*

Consumer Fraud

Criminal Defense

Family Law Matters:
(Divorce / Custody)

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