The Kelly Law Firm represents people injured while aboard vessels at sea and those
who are injured while assigned to those vessels under the Jones Act.

We have developed relationships with law firms around the country to assist in
helping you to deal with your injuries and resume your lives.
Injuries Aboard Ship
Oil Rig Injuries
At the Kelly Law Firm, we understand
When things go wrong on an oil rig, it
can be very difficult to get help quickly.  
you are safely back on solid ground.  We
work to resolve your case quickly and
with a resolution that you can use to get
back on your feet.
If you work on a ship, boat, barge, fishing boat,
or any vessel that contains the word boat or ship,
you are likely covered by the Jones Act. If you
merely work anywhere in the water or near the
water, you might be covered by the Jones Act.
Even many workers who previously were covered
under the Longshore and Harbor Workers'
Compensation Act are now protected by the
benefits of the Jones Act.
Therefore, if you have been injured at sea while
working on an oil rig, oil drilling ship,
semisubmersible, crew boat, or oil supply ship,
you may have a claim for money damages under
Federal Maritime law. The Jones Act and the
general maritime law create rights for damages
against your employer which includes coverage
for all medical expenses.
When you are injured, your employer may be responsible for paying for compensation,
including past and future wages you have lost, physical pain and mental suffering,
disfigurement, past and future medical expenses, and costs of retraining for another
position.  Because of the physical demands placed on offshore workers, injuries that leave a
worker less than 100 percent capable of performing their duties can be devastating. There is
little space for a "light duty" worker on an oil rig, oil supply ship or crew boat.
In most instances, jack up rigs, floating oil rigs, and lay barges that move from one location
to another are considered to be vessels in navigation and are the workers on them are
granted the rights under the Jones Act for when they are injured while working aboard
them.  In most cases, the Jones Act protects injured workers by allowing more for damages
limited by the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act.

The Kelly Law Firm, P.C. is now applying the wealth of knowledge gleaned from Medical
Negligence cases to assist the families devastated by maritime personal injuries.  The firm is
nationally known, and has thousands of serious injury cases, recovering millions of dollars
in compensation for injured Texans.  The firm’s lawyers are well positioned to represent the
most seriously injured workers and the families who have lost loved ones in maritime
accidents.  They are particularly adept at proving difficult negligence cases, and know how
to demonstrate the effect of your damages, resulting in the award you deserve for your loss.
Jones Act / Maritime Injuries
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