Todd Kelly has proven to be a fearless attorney who isn’t afraid of being the
opposing counsel against large corporations. I turned to Todd Kelly in February
of 2007 to file a civil suit against [NAME REDACTED BY AGREEMENT],
the largest military contracting corporation in the United States.  When he took
on my case, he was made aware that I had signed approximately an 18 page
employee contract that contained an arbitration clause within the document. An
arbitration proceeding is private and discrete and the outcome of arbitration
cannot be disclosed to the public, nor can it be appealed. Unfortunately,
arbitration is stacked in favor of businesses, making it harder for individuals,
like myself, to prevail in a dispute and that’s just wrong. He knew getting my
case out of arbitration and into a trial by jury would be a challenge, especially
since no one before him had conquered such a battle. He accepted this plight
and worked diligently to bust through the arbitration clause in my employment
agreement. When I was invited to testify in front of congress, he flew to
Washington with me to bring awareness to the issues regarding arbitration
clauses in employment contracts. He went above and beyond in fighting this
huge arbitration hurdle that stood between me and getting a trial by jury. The
judge ruled in our favor, and I can now get justice through the United States civil
court system.  His success in getting my case out of arbitration is precedent
setting, which will open the doors for future victims to also be able to seek civil

Unfortunately my incident wasn’t isolated, as a result, I founded “
The Jamie
Leigh Foundation” which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping United
States citizens and legal residents who are victims of crime while working
abroad for government contractors and subcontractors. I invited Todd Kelly to
be on the board of directors on my foundation due to his dedication and
expertise in corporation accountability. I have referred a number of victims who
have sought help through my foundation to Todd Kelly.  “The Jamie Leigh
Foundation” has received a congressional recognition by being honored with the
“Suzanne McDaniel Public Awareness Award” by making the US aware of the
lawless environment that contract corporation’s harbor.  Todd Kelly was
instrumental in bringing public awareness to the issues surrounding contractors,
in that he flew with me to New York and went on “Dan Abrams”, “The Early
Show”, and CNN with me. He arranged for us to be on “20/20” and flew to
California to be interviewed by ABC. He has arranged numerous media
engagements and has kept the public current on the progress of my civil suit.  He
often will appear in the “Houston Chronicle”, ABC’s 20/20 website, “The New
York Times”, and the “Associated Press” speaking about my case.

Todd Kelly isn’t an ordinary attorney. I have never heard of an attorney that will
personally answer his clients phone calls, and if he is unavailable will call back
in a timely fashion. There have been a number of occasions where he has spent
hours on the phone explaining something to me.  When I e-mail him, he
personally replies within a couple of hours. I think one of his best qualities is
how he makes it a priority to keep in close contact with his clients.   
                                           Jamie Leigh Jones
Todd with Jamie Leigh Jones and Congressman Ted Poe in Washington DC.
"No man is
above the law,
and no man is
below it.  Nor do
we require any
permission when
we require him
to obey it."

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