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"Courage is not
the absence of
fear, but the ability
to rise and face it."

Jamie Leith Jones
She wanted only to be free
From lecherous men at home.
She took with her the dream she had,
That she was not alone.

She believed she was a part,
Of a team of righteous men.
But that belief would lead her down
A road others had been.

Just a girl, she signed away
Her right to jury trial,
Not known to her but to the men...
She’d face harm in a while.

She tried to make some friends you see
On that fateful summer day.
They drugged her, then took turns with her
As if some sort of play.

They drugged her as they passed a drink
She took in naïve trust,
They watched her consciousness recede
Then appeased their lust.

Lust for sex, or power – so
It really matters not.
It only mattered to them then
That they knew they’d not be caught.

They never thought they’d pay a price,
They never had before.
She was not treated as their friend,
They raped her, and what's more:

They tore her body as they laughed
And really didn’t care.
They knew her story’d never pass,
So her body they would share.

They’d never paid a price before
For doing evil things -
Military contractors
Ignored these evil rings.

Profits depended most, you see
Upon the public’s view.
It serves their greedy means therefore
For justice to be skewed.

They forced those suffering before
Who had the nerve to tell
Into secret "resolution"–
And, thus: a silent Hell

Call it quick, quiet, easy - see
Just like the Star Chamber.
Arbitration, DRP
Just keep a lid on her.

That’s how the royal "nobles"
In England's tyranny of Olde
Kept rule over the lowly serfs.
And history has told…

That the founding fathers of our land
Despised this power, greed and might.
They chose to have no part in such
So they wrote a bill of rights.

Keep the secret in the dark,
Don’t let the public see.
But this one chose to be the spark
We wish we all could be.

Refusing to accept that this
Was “related” to her job
She took her fight into the courts
And stirred an angry mob.

Her fight was won in courts and then
On appeal and more.
Congress took an interest in
What happened off our shore.

She changed the law for others, too
Raped, assaulted and harassed.
Because her heart and cause were true
Better laws were passed.

But her employer still refused
To admit complicity
In the evil that misshaped her body
And stirred this swarm of bees.

So off to trial she had to go
To make them answer for
All the things they did to her
And the women raped before.

As we consider who is right
Which way those scales should tilt -
I have to ask you, isn't this
Why courtrooms first were built?

They painted her story as
One built on greed and lies.
Their money bought a verdict,
But that’s no great surprise.

At least when she lays down at night
Jamie knows the truth.
They had to fight with all their might,
To keep justice from this youth.