Standards of Care

Medical Care Providers are required to provide care that
meets professional standards of care.  Most try very
hard to do this - and most actually do.  However,
because they are human, they do make mistakes.  And
because they are human, they sometimes do things that
are just blatantly wrong.  The Kelly Law Firm will
evaluate your case to see if your injuries were caused by
preventable medical malpractice or if they were simply
a risk of the medical procedure that was not avoidable
by the physician's (or nurse's) care.  If your injuries
were preventable, we will prosecute your case through
the very intricate web of technical requirements
imposed by the Texas Legislature to hold those
accountable for your injuries accountable.  
Devastating Effects

Medical Injuries typically result in
life-long, devastating debilitation.  These
cases are not taken lightly by our
attorneys.  We understand that there has
been a very serious insult to your way of
life.  It is our mission to do everything
we can to both put your life back as well
as we can, and to see that those
responsible are given an incentive to
change the way that they practice - so it
does not happen to anyone else.  
Medical Malpractice / Medical Neglect
Limits on Damages

Texas Doctors have been very effective at
legislative efforts to cap damage awards
in Texas.  Often, the jury does not realize
that when they award you sums for the
pain and suffering that these serious
injuries cause, that the judge must
reduce that award if it exceeds $250,000.
The lawyers at the Kelly Law Firm
believe that this violates our
Constitutionally guaranteed right to a
trial by jury of our peers, but the courts
in Texas have spoken.  These caps, do
not take into account the devastation on
the lives of those injured.  In effect, we
have created a protected class of person
in our state - medical care providers.  If
you were to cause the same injury with
your automobile, you would be fully
liable for every penny that the jury found
you should pay.  If you don't think this is
fair, please call your legislator.  
"No man is
above the law,
and no man is
below it.  Nor do
we require any
permission when
we require him
to obey it."

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