In addition to a number of regional
seminars, Todd has attended the full
course at "The Ranch," and is a 2009
"Ranch Graduate" and active member
of the F-Warriors.  Additionally, Todd
has participated in graduate courses, is
a member of the Ranch Club, showing
financial support of the Trial Lawyers
College.  Others in the firm have
participated in psycho-dramatic
techniques, and are involved in regional
The Search for Truth
Our mentor has taught us that the truth lies not only in the factual details behind the story, but
also in the emotional impact that affects our emotional connection to one another.  When we
decide to take a case, we believe not only in its factual correctness, but in the cry for justice that
can only come from the heart.  We believe that is what sets us apart from the vast majority of
lawyers, some of whom are great thinkers.  While we do not abandon thinking in our pursuit of
justice, it is our heart that leads us where we need to go to find it.
"Courage is not
the absence of
fear, but the ability
to rise and face it."

Our Involvement with Gerry Spence's Trial Lawyers' College
The lawyers of The Kelly Law Firm recognize that the most
important part of representing our clients, is to really know
their stories.  Gerry Spence, one of the most successful trial
lawyers of our time, has decided to share his gift for knowing
clients to a select group of lawyers who represent individuals
in legal matters.  Those methods are taught at his annual
Trial Lawyers College at the Thunderhead Ranch in Dubois,
We are NOT "Fearless"
We are not without fear when we enter a courtroom to represent our clients.  Most lawyers would
not admit that - though it is true of any who actually care.  The truth is that the fear is what
drives us - forces us to dig deeper within ourselves, and to feel the victory when it is finally ours.  
To be without fear is to be without caring.  Such an attorney cannot work at The Kelly Law Firm.
Courage is gained as fear is conquered by each person as they struggle to achieve their goals.
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