"We had the privilege of working with Todd on my daughters case and I
have to say that his way of dealing with the case was perfectly efficient,
professional but at the same time very caring and personal. Todd is a very
giving human being. He is a hard working man and deeply dedicated. I have
the most respect for him and his firm..."
(Marta Cruz), McAllen, Texas.
"Todd Kelly has proven to be a fearless attorney who isn’t afraid of being the
opposing counsel against large corporations. . . .
. . .Todd Kelly isn’t an ordinary attorney. I have never heard of an attorney that will
personally answer his clients phone calls, and if he is unavailable will call back in a
timely fashion. There have been a number of occasions where he has spent hours on
the phone explaining something to me.  When I e-mail him, he personally replies
within a couple of hours. I think one of his best qualities is how he makes it a
priority to keep in close contact with his clients."   (
Jamie Leigh Jones)
"I would like everyone to take note of Pictures posted by L. Todd Kelly....He and Ms.
Vicknair on right were my fantastic Attorneys . These pictures were taken right after
the verdict was returned.  Not only were they my Attorneys, but these past 2 years we
became very close to each other.  We formed a bond that My Family will always
Cherish. They became more than just Attorneys.....We all
shared the Pain and the Tears together...they will always
remain in our Hearts....If anyone should ever need an
Attorney that REALLY CARES, do not hesitate to call Him."
David Luna), Houston, Texas.
"Mr. Kelly and every member of his staff took our case to heart. It was literally a
David and Goliath case due to the intricacies involved. The civil action resulted in
a successful award in court. I don’t believe we would have seen justice served if
not for Mr. Kelly and his firm. They are truly a “dream team.”  (
Linda Vick
Chamberlin) Houston, Texas
". . . Mr. Kelly and his staff within the firm were most helpful in guiding us
throughout the legal process.  They were very kind, respectful, and understanding of
our situation and their expertise resulted in a settlement on our behalf."    
Confidential), Corpus Christi.  
"No man is
above the law,
and no man is
below it.  Nor do
we require any
permission when
we require him
to obey it."

Theodore Roosevelt
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