Last Will and Testament

The Kelly Law Firm can help to prepare
your family for the inevitable: your
passing.  You should be able to direct
who should inherit your assets.  If you do
not prepare a will, the State will decide
for you.  Many families have been
destroyed by fighting over a loved one's
belongings.  A will can prevent this.  We
offer discounts for couples preparing
what are commonly referred to as
"sweetheart wills."  Call for more
"When we care
about those
around us, it
helps to prepare
them for when
we are no longer

Todd Kelly
Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document
that allows a trusted loved one, friend, or
colleague to act on your behalf in the
event that you are unavailable (like
servicemembers deployed out of the
country), or incapacitated (by either
disease, or injury that leaves you
incapable of mentally caring for
yourself.  These documents allow for the
sales of property or executing other
legally binding instruments, and should
only be entered into with full
understanding and with someone you
trust.  They can be drafted to limit the
power granted, or can be broad enough
to allow for vast power over your affairs.
Wills, Powers of Attorney, Advanced Medical Directives
Advanced Medical Directive

Sometimes referred to as a "Living
Will," this document gives the authority
to make medical decisions in the event
that you were to become incapable of
making them for yourself.  The person
with this power can make decisions
regarding life support, and other medical
decisions that would normally be made
by the patient, if the patient were
competent and awake to make them for
him or her self.  
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